Blue Voyage Turkey - Part One

Many of you will remember my holiday spam this time last year - teaching yoga on board a fabulous Turkish gulet boat, whilst island hopping in Greece!   I was lucky enough to be able to return again last month as a guest reviewer and yoga teacher with my favourite fitness and adventure company Mediterranean Delights Fitness Voyage.

Already feeling very much a part of the MDFV family, my voyage this year proved to be another amazing adventure.  This time, exploring the beautiful, almost hidden, blue coves based alongside the Turkish coastline between Fethiye and Marmaris. I fell in love with Turkey.

Travelling alone, and apart from a day trip to Datca last year, this was my first trip to Turkey and I loved every minute. Re-united with the wonderful Cindy and Ali,(hosts of MDFV)and our gulet for the week - the magnificent MuhtesemA, felt like coming home. Extra points went to Captain Aytekin for managing to secure a space in Fethiye's private marina!  

As the majority of our guests arrived the following morning, we feasted on our first dinner of the trip, freshly caught fried fish (the scales of which Ali pointed out are poisonous until cooked!) with local bread and salad.  After a 4.30am start, and excited to meet my fellow travellers the next day, being gently rocked to sleep I slept like a baby in my cabin.

The food is such a big part of the MDFV experience and this year was no exception. Mornings are early but the days start gently with a pre yoga snack of Turkish tea and biscuits, followed by an hours class of meditation, breathing techniques and sun salutations. As the breakfast gong sounds, guests are always ready for their traditional, Turkish breakfast. Platters of Turkish cheese and feta, olives, tomatoes and cucumber, as well as freshly cooked omelette and bread, the food sets everybody up for a day of hiking and activities. 

With a couple of hours free time, I spent a happy few hours with a fellow guest exploring the harbour and market stalls of Fethiye.  We didn't have to wander far to find some treasures, Turkish spices, crafts and tourist gifts to take home, as well as some great independent fashion boutiques and an amazing patisserie serving delicious cakes as well as a HOT CHOCOLATE menu!  All of which I can usually sniff out within half an hour of wherever my location may happen to be in the world!

I enjoyed Fethiye and would love to return with my family.  

It's a big enough resort to enjoy for a week without getting bored, yet small enough to retain it's Turkish charm and ensure you don't  feel like you have fallen into a busy tourist trap.

With a friend and colleague who owns a private rental property, an easy drive from Fethiye (separate blog post to follow)I was reliably  assured of a number of great places to dine out, as well as some interesting sights to visit and within striking distance of the town.

Similarly to last year, our trip was made up of around 12 guests from Turkey, America, and the UK.  Again, the guests made the trip for me.  Bringing together a group of strangers, a mix of nationalities, ages and life experiences just seems to magically work on these voyages, and despite being on-board together, a sense of camaraderie prevails and life long friendships are forged.

Next - Part Two ... the gulet, ethos of the holiday and our itinerary!



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Get Fit With Davina

Like many of you, life has overtaken my blog over the past few months.  With a full time recruitment role in the NHS, lively four year old at school and my interest in yoga, poor old Dolliedaydream has had to take a back seat.

Along with the blog, my fitness and health has also taken a nose dive.  As I juggle school run, to office, to meetings, to school run, to housework, it's time to take a step back and invest some time in my own wellbeing once again.

As Mediterranean Delights Fitness Voyage holidays entered my life at just the right time last year, so fate seems to be playing a part again, as I have been approached to cover for another trainer next week in Turkey.  

I was also approached by a lovely, new, London based PR company last month to review Get Fit With Davina.  With the best intentions it's taken me all this time to set up my account, but it's done and I'm ready to explore the workouts, as well as the recipes.  Although I am (lucky some may say!) not looking for a diet or to lose weight, I am hoping to tone up, adopt a healthier eating plan again - for both myself and my family, and help my hubby get fit.

Spending most of my 'social media spare time' on Instagram, I had toyed with the idea of trying the Body Coach, alongside some of my Insta chums, but thought I would give Davina a go.  I'm interested to try the seven minute workouts, and feel I can identify more with her age, lifestyle etc than I can a young chap.

Pretty much living a vegetarian lifestyle, I'm always a little cautious about adopting meal plans, feeling they can be very protein/meat based but I will reserve judgement.  Likewise, personally not into calorie counting but this may help Chris in trying to lose his weight.

My first impression of the website is that it seems well designed, modern and easy to navigate.  I've quickly been able to set up my account, input some personal details such as age, weight, fitness and diet and I'm now ready to try out the first of a series of short workouts.

More to follow!

I'd love to know if you are following any celeb fitness programmes at the moment.  If so, how are you getting on?

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Snow Bunny Style With Crystal Ski

As I excitedly start my snow kissed count down travelling to Austria as a guest of CRYSTAL SKI HOLIDAYS, my ski alter ego;- Piste Princess's thoughts are turning to all things ski fashion.

I've been scouring Pinterest to see which celebs have their ski style sussed.

Ski holidays and celebs are a match made in heaven – pop royalty, Hollywood royalty and royal royalty head for the hills at the first sniff of snow.
But which slope star are you? Do you have the refined style of a Chelsea girl or the infamous reputation of our favourite prince? Are you a pampered pop-princess or a no-fear celebrity skier?

Crystal Ski Holidays has the answer. Take the CELEB SKI QUIZ to find out which celebrity skier you are and which resorts your match is most likely to be spotted in. 

No surprises who mine is!

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